I made a Tinsel Ornament

My German born-and-raised mother-in-law has been in a home-cleansing mode for a couple of years. Our latest inherited items where Christmas related and included a package of tinsel from 1960s Germany. It is really heavy and I am quite certain it’s lead-heavy.

In researching some DIY tree ornaments, I came across this post and thought I could use the lead tinsel in this way, thereby containing the lead and still keeping the memory and charm of the old country. I was able to make four ornaments, plus I used the tinsel container to make a box. I just mailed this one to my MIL. Can’t wait for her to see it. Hope she loves it!!


Here are the supplies I gathered, though I ended up not using the fuzzy stuff, which, when I bought it, I thought was wired pipe cleaner. It didn’t have a wire!