I am an artist, graphic designer and maker- and also a wife and mother of two. I paint and design in my tiny home-based studio in San Francisco. Mostly self-taught, my style is equal parts classic, understated and whimsical. I am inspired by food, nature and man-made tools. My approach is a bit methodical. It’s in my nature – I fight to let go a bit. It’s a work in progress.

Watercolor + Paper Goods
I’m relatively new to watercolor. I believed its permanence and unpredictably to be in direct conflict with my {recovering} perfectionist tendencies. But when I came face to face with watercolor in an art class, I slowly warmed up to it. Most of my work to date is small in scale. I’ve incorporated watercolor illustrations into paper products, printed fabric and sell art prints available as well. I have a small stationery line called Fig & Tulip.

My products can be found at monicaloos.com


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Beautiful drawings! If only I had discovered your blog before my last post, I would have mentioned it…oh well, I look forward to following and seeing more of your illustrations. All the best :-)

  2. Hi Monica I came across your lovely Blog because I saw your comments on Doodlewash I am an artist too I hope you will visit my Blog! Your watercolors are very nice keep painting! I follow you now Have a wonderful weekend!

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