365 DAYS IN MY KITCHEN: 300 + 301

taffy / monica loos

Anemone. Spelled just like the sea creature, as far as a can determine.


monica loos / a peach

A Peach. Pure taste perfection and so pretty and soft too.


It’s been quite a while since my last post and it’s been slow going on the 365 days in my kitchen project. I would probably rename it to “365 Days in My Kitchen over 730 Days”. Hee hee. Ironically, I started this project as a way to ensure I put in daily painting time, as running a creative business is so often full of non-creative work. But I’m thankful that what’s keeping me busy is work, family and a bit of travel. It could be much worse!


365 Days in My Kitchen: 299

taffy / monica loos


I don’t care much for taffy, but the others in my family do. I did think this little piece was mighty pretty, though. I always like the little wrapper ends that look like they are skirts dancing.

365 Days in My Kitchen: 297 + 298

sake cup / monica loos

Ceramic Sake Cup | gifted to us by my husband’s parents who traveled to Japan a few years back. The bit of gold gouache on the top left is a little lost in digital translation.sunflower seeds / monica loos

Sunflowers Seeds Party of Six | When stripes meet a healthy snack, well, that’s just perfection.

365 Days in My Kitchen: 293 + 294 + 295

IKEA Coffee Mug: It’s my favorite. Just right. Not too big. Not too small.

Ice Bunny: Mom bought it for my boys when they were wee little to help their boo-boos feel better. It is still put to good use.

The Boy: He is in my kitchen often, and quite the good helper.