365 Days in My Kitchen: 292

watering can / monica loos

Watering Can

We’ve been keeping this by the sink to collect those random bits of water that we’d otherwise pour down the drain. Then we water plants with it. It feels less wasteful here in drought-land, CA.


365 Days in My Kitchen: 290 + 291

red pepper / monica loos

Red Pepper | How have I gone this many days without a red pepper!??! Kept the stem graphite.
365_291Water Bottle | Goes to school with my oldest every day. Some sort of camo pattern happening.

Line Drawings: Things in the…

A couple of pages from my sketchbook. The top one is “things in our bedroom” and the second is “things in the double parlor”, which we call the TV Room. And unlike, Downton Abbey, in Casa de Loos, the double parlor does not lead to the drawing room…it is just a small room with a giant TV. Although…my studio is just a few steps away and I do draw in it, so…?

sketch book / monica loos

sketch book / monica loos