365 Days in My Kitchen: 296

heath vase / monica loos


Included with the payment from my most recent wedding clients, was this small, beautiful vase by Heath Ceramics! How wonderful was that?


365 Days in My Kitchen: 290 + 291

red pepper / monica loos

Red Pepper | How have I gone this many days without a red pepper!??! Kept the stem graphite.
365_291Water Bottle | Goes to school with my oldest every day. Some sort of camo pattern happening.

365 Days in my Kitchen: 272 + 273

coffee maker | monica loos

Coffee Maker

I believe this is the last of our coffee making tools.

Paella Rice | monica loos

Paella Rice

We cooked up our first paella. Substituted octopus for squid, but it threw us off a bit, as we’ve never prepared octopus before, and it came up a bit rubbery. We have some room for improvement, but overall, it was quite tasty! And just how great is the packaging on this rice?!

365 Days in my Kitchen: 271


These caught my eye in the produce section at first glance, because of their color. I then noticed they hail from Colombia, as do my parents and many of my childhood summer memories. They are quite enjoyable. Mildy sweet and also a little tart. Like nature’s Sweattarts. They grow in a little thin husk like a tomatillo and are shaped like raspberry-sized blueberries. A fun discovery that I may not have made today if I weren’t on the lookout for something to paint.