365 DAYS IN MY KITCHEN: 277 + 278


Serving Utensils

These were a wedding gift to my parents, making them about 49 years old!



Soapstone Cubes

I haven’t yet had the first of this season’s eggnog, but my soapstone cubes are chilled and ready. Now for the nog…


365 Days in My Kitchen: 148


Silver Pie Server

Well, it’s pi day, right? 3.14. I did buy an apple pie that we ate after dinner, but my painting of it looked like poo. As in, literally, poo. So in lieu of that – the serving utensil!  :)

365 Days in My Kitchen: 106


Vintage Slotted Spoon

I know it’s from Germany and that it’s been around for a long time, but I don’t know much more. Given to us by my MIL – like so many things in my kitchen, which I’m not sure I realized until I started this project. I have this spoon nailed to the wall upright like this with the two ceramic fish I painted on day 062 dangling from the nail too.