365 Days in My Kitchen: 254

three apples / monica loos

Three Apples

A bird’s eye view – assuming that bird is in my kitchen sitting atop the light fixture.

By the way, I painted this using this Schmincke palette that I came across while foraging for artist’s tape in my husband’s art supply stash. Turns out it used to belong to his mother. She used in in college (she studied textile design), which makes the set over 50 years old! All but a few colors are working nicely. Here’s a photo:

palette / monica loos


365 Days in My Kitchen: 248

soft serve / monica loos

Soft Serve!

From our post dinner ice cream truck dessert. So, technically not my kitchen, but it is what we ate…

365 Days in My Kitchen: 157

iphone by monica loos


Mine. Wish I’d gone a little darker on the “screen” before pulling off the masking fluid. For those of you who are watercolorists imploring the use of masking fluid, I recently bought a ruling pen and have been using it to make thin lines and shapes. I feel like I have more control over placement this way.

365 Days in My Kitchen: 116


View from the Window

San Francisco is full of beautiful views…it also has plenty of views like this one: the neighbor’s building. They painted it a few years ago, so at least it’s nice and neat.

I went a larger larger scale and full bleed on this one, only because I think the subject demanded it.

Happy Friday!