365 DAYS IN MY KITCHEN: 277 + 278


Serving Utensils

These were a wedding gift to my parents, making them about 49 years old!



Soapstone Cubes

I haven’t yet had the first of this season’s eggnog, but my soapstone cubes are chilled and ready. Now for the nog…


365 DAYS IN MY KITCHEN: 274 + 275


Metal Strainer

Why, oh why, are there so many ovals in my kitchen?! Arggg!

paella pan | monica loos

Paella Pan

I’ve always had an affinity for a paella pan. No idea why. Possibly my several-generations-back Spanish ancestry…? This one is a no-frills (well the red handles are something) get-the-job-done paella pan.

365 Days in my Kitchen: 272 + 273

coffee maker | monica loos

Coffee Maker

I believe this is the last of our coffee making tools.

Paella Rice | monica loos

Paella Rice

We cooked up our first paella. Substituted octopus for squid, but it threw us off a bit, as we’ve never prepared octopus before, and it came up a bit rubbery. We have some room for improvement, but overall, it was quite tasty! And just how great is the packaging on this rice?!

365 Days in My Kitchen: 268

well worn pot | monica loos

Well Worn Pot

A monochromatic portrait for this large pot. I absolutely love this Mars Black watercolor from from Winsor & Newton. Weather straight from the tube or heavily watered, it has a beautiful tone.