365 Days in My Kitchen: 293 + 294 + 295

IKEA Coffee Mug: It’s my favorite. Just right. Not too big. Not too small.

Ice Bunny: Mom bought it for my boys when they were wee little to help their boo-boos feel better. It is still put to good use.

The Boy: He is in my kitchen often, and quite the good helper.


365 Days in my Kitchen: 282 + 283 + 284

island / monica loos


Just managed a quick sketch of our kitchen island on the iPad before falling fast asleep.

mistletoe / monica loos


Yes! Mistletoe still hanging around. I have it hanging from a thin wire on a collage art piece made with paper from an oversized calendar.

arugula / monica loos


I have to call it rúgula, which is what it’s called in Spanish. I hear my mom’s voice in my head with her cute Colombian accent at the sight of it.

365 Days in My Kitchen: 261 + 262

fiddle leaf clipping / monica loos

Fiddle Leaf Clipping

Not sure if he’ll make it. The whole plant is looking a bit lack luster. Good luck, little one!

Measuring Cups

The metal kind. Painted using only one color paint: Mars Black

p.s. Sorry my posts have been so random. My intent is to be daily, but sometimes client work, kid stuff, car stuff, life stuff has a way of butting in. Thank you for hanging in there with me!

365 Days in My Kitchen: 247

candies / monica loos

Wee Italian Candies

They are each smaller than a dime. The cuties little wrapped candies ever – in all their wee-ness plus striped and dotted wrapper!

ps – Thanks for hanging in there with me as my time with the paintbrush has been sparse the last few weeks. The start of the school year will help….