100 Day Project

1/100 Easter Sunday by monica loos

I’ve had great debates inside my head about participating in this 100 day challenge along with a great many creatives, as I am already knee deep in my own 365 day kitchen challenge + work + family + life, BUT I decided to dive in. In part, I’ve had this idea for how to experiment in the abstract, as I’ve done little to no work in that area, and what better way than with a community of people trying new things.

The challenge is organized by Elle Luna and The Great Discontent (read more here) and they invite anyone and everyone to participate and share their 100 days, each day.

For my project, I will depict, in great abstraction, what I (or possibly a family member) wore the prior day. I predict much blue and gray. I’m making it “easy” on myself by making it mixed media – ie whatever materials are nearby. I predict much blue and gray. I’ll post the outcome daily on Instagram. Follow me there if it sounds fun! I’ll have some updates on my blog as well.

Day 1: Yesterday was Easter, thus my very floral, not so typical-of-me, top. The chill in the air called for a sweater and I wore this with dark jeans and black shoes…

Here we go!  #100daysofworeit