from the sketch book: drawing blind

yesterday, i stumbled upon a sketch book from a uc berkeley extension drawing class i took in my pre-family days and am so happy i did! i had forgotten about the countless number of “blind” contour drawings i’d made! this is such a fun way to train yourself to draw what your eye is seeing and not what your brain is telling you you’re seeing. that brain does sometimes get in my way.

how to (and i encourage you to):
after picking your subject, pick a starting point on your object and corresponding spot on your paper (ex: top of lamp, top of paper). put your pen on the spot. you will not look at the paper again until you are done with the drawing – no peeking! with your eye you will slowly follow along the edges of your subject, moving your pen on the paper in sync. when you’re finishing eyeing and drawing the object, you’re done and you make look at your paper. how did it work out?

here are some of the drawings from my sketch book:


1. chandelere   2. floor lamp   3. windsurfer   4. lockers  5. nested pans   6. fruit on cutting board   7. camera   8. dad

add as little or as much detail as you like. as you get the feel for it, you are sure to be pleased with the results. i wouldn’t mind printing a series of these and framing them for a wall display. i’ll post a photo if i do.

give it the old college try!


comment, if you are so inclined

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