heide’s egg hatches hearts

my in-laws came for a visit just before christmas this year and, indeed, a nice time was had by all. the boys get spoiled rotten, so they love that, and we only stock the “good stuff” at the bar, so that’s not too shabby either.

my mother-in-law, better known as Omi, has been purging stuff from her home in TX and thus always has some items to delivery to us whenever they visit via road trip. this was one of those trips. along with other items she brought, was a beautifully hand-painted egg, strung and ready to hang on the tree.

heide's egg

pretty, right? hairline fracture and all. even more pretty knowing that she painted it herself 20+ years ago. so crafty, that Omi. around christmas, i was in the process of designing a few valentine’s day leaning cards. i wanted to incorporate the egg design into a card, with omi’s permission, of course. always a fan of little strings of light, i swapped out a bulb shape with hearts and used different sides of the egg image as fill.

heides hearts on a line

voila! filling a shape with a drawing or pattern is a good way to incorporate kid’s art – especially young kids in their abstract modernist periods – neatly into your home.


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